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Catalina 275 – Commissioning QLD

Recently the latest Catalina 275 arrived in Brisbane for commissioning.

We have photos of the yacht being loaded for shipping from the factory, all the way through to our new happy owner ready to go for his first test sail… enjoy!

Catalina 275 - in Catalina Yachts Factory

Catalina 275 - Mast & Boom

Catalina 275 - On Side in Cradle

Catalina 275 - Solar Panels

Catalina 275 - In Cradle

Catalina 275 - On Travel Lift

Catalina 275 - Approaching Shipping Container

Catalina 275 - Loading into Container

Catalina 275 - Underside View

Catalina 275 - Loading in Container

Catalina 275 - Perfect Fit!

Catalina 275 - Bow View

Catalina 275 - Ready to launch

Catalina 275 - Keel

Catalina 275 - On Side

Catalina 275 - On Side

Catalina 275 - Stern View

Catalina 275 - Cockpit

Catalina 275 - Alongside Catalina Anchorage

Sailing on Sydney Harbour

Maybe you want to recapture the pure joy of sailing in a simpler but stylish boat that doesn’t require much effort or crew to get you out on the water…Maybe you no longer need the amenities or complications of a larger boat just to enjoy an afternoon out on the water with a few friends…Maybe a pretty and fast boat will just be more fun to own!

Catalina 275 – Boat of the Year Award

Catalina 275 News

Catalina 275 - Boat of the Year 06Catalina Yacht’s newest model , the 275 Sport , was recognized this year with two prestigious Boat of the Year awards.

Cruising World Boat of the Year Award for “Best Pocket Cruiser ” and Sailing World Boat of the Year for “Best Recreational Racer” were both won by the versatile new 275 Sport.

Publisher Sally Helme  and Dave Gillespie, Regional Sales Manager , visited the Catalina Yachts plant in Largo Florida to present both awards and congratulate the staff of Catalina Yachts on their 11th and 12th Boat of the Year awards.  ”This is only the third boat to win both awards in the twenty-seven year history of the Boat of the Year Awards, and I am proud to see an American boat win in a field of excellent domestic and imported boats” Publisher Helme said.

Catalina 275 - Boat of the Year 01Catalina Yachts vice president and designer Gerry Douglas, of the Catalina 275 Sport accepted the awards on behalf the company.  In accepting the awards ,Gerry thanked  Plant  Production Manager Mike Quinn and other key personnel.  ”It takes many skilled, dedicated people ,from the tooling department to final detailing to build good boats. I know everyone is grateful for the recognition of their efforts these awards represent “.

The Catalina 275 Sport was introduced at the 2013 United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, and received an enthusiastic reception from Catalina dealers and owners.

This award winning model is now in full production.

Please note this new model is now available in grey(shown in the attached photos), light blue and white hulls

Frank Butler – Selected as an Inductee into the 2013 National Sailing Hall of Fame in Annapolis

Frank ButlerFrank Butler, founder of Catalina Yachts, has been selected as an inductee into the 2013 National Sailing Hall of Fame in Annapolis. Frank made a significant impact on the development and growth of sailing and has been called sailing’s Henry Ford

Let’s say you are running a machine shop in North Hollywood, California, and you’ve taken up dinghy sailing at the age of 30. You decide to buy a larger boat so your family can enjoy the sport, and when you go to pick it up, the builder hasn’t even started on it. Most of us would be in a quandary. Not Frank Butler. He took on the job himself, ended up with the tooling in lieu of money he had loaned the builder,then he became the builder. He designed a 22-foot sailboat of which he sold 15,000. “I’ve always been able to draw,” he says by way of explanation. Today, the company he started is a waterfront word. Catalina has produced more than 87,000 boats.

How did a machinist, an engineer, design such a successful boat? “Frank has an eye for style,” says Ron Frisosky, who has worked with Butler in sales and marketing for 25 years. “I’ve seen him look at a plug that was sanded and ready for gel coat, shake his head and say, `it doesn’t look right, start over.’ ”

As a younger man on the tennis court or skeet range, Frank Butler was known as tenacious. He had a reputation for tackling something with total focus, then moving on to the next challenge. With the boats, he was able to come in under the competition with a comparable product because of innovations like the first, one-piece modular interior that included everything from tanks to furniture; a molded head liner; and a “shoe box” deck to hull joint. Every element in a Catalina, including engine, will fit through a hatch.

But the real key to Butler’s success has been his personal involvement with customers. At Catalina, the operative word is “family.” Butler listens to people, and understands market trends. He has a file on every boat the company ever made, and handles all warranty issues personally. Customers are overwhelmed to get a call from this man with the deep voice who might mispronounce their name – the CEO – at eight o’clock one night to answer their questions. At 85 he still does it.

Friends and competitors appreciate Butler as a character. “When he moved his operation to Florida,” says yacht designer Charlie Morgan, “Frank announced he was going to show Pinellas County boatbuilders how it was done. He saw, he came, and he produced.” After buying Prindle and Nacra catamaran companies in the late 1980s, Butler attended an industry dinner in Hawaii where he presented Hobie Alter with a dozen black roses. The card read, “From your new competition.” Butler liked to approach competitor’s tables at boat show dinners and offer to flip them for who paid the entire bill.

“Catalina is a landmark boat company,” Ron Frisosky says. “Frank Butler got a lot of people on the water.”

New Catalina 275 on trailer

C275 on trailer

This is the first photo of the completed new Catalina 275 which left the Florida plant on Wednesday for a two day trip to the Annapolis Boat Show.

A wing keel as standard and is trailerable with a special trailer or it can be purchased as a keel yacht.

It come standard with a 10ph inboard Yanmar diesel.

The yacht  is available in the light blue colour or the usual Catalina white with blue stripes.


Latest Catalina 355 being commissioned

Catalina 355 being commissionedThe photo above is of the latest Catalina 355 to arrive at the Gold Coast yesterday (21 August).  As you will see, this C355 has a wing keel as do most of the new Catalina’s being sold to Queensland owners.  The reduced draft allows the yachts to navigate easily around Gold Coast waterways where, because there are only a few channels of any major depth, it is restrictive for some deep draft vessels especially those over 3 metres in draft.  However, when Catalina yachts with wing keels up anchor and head North to the Whitsundays or South to Sydney, there is no difference when sailing.  As one SailNet member says  “there is not much difference (between wing and fin keel) unless you’re racing. Even then the skill of the captain and the condition of the sails will have more effect on how fast the boat sails”.  Naturally, Catalina yachts can also be purchased with fin keels.

New Catalina yachts arriving in Queensland are commissioned at The Boat Works in the Gold Coast Marine Precinct (near the home of Riviera and Maritimo power vessels) and the conditions at the marina are world class.  The yachts are then brought to the Ausail Marine Group marina at Sanctuary Cove for the final stages of commissioning.  Once the electronics have been installed, one of the local trimmers sets up the bimini and dodger.  The photo below of the latest Catalina 445 at our marina has just had its stainless steel hoops installed ready for the canvas.

New Catalina 445 at Marina


NEW Catalina Sport Pocket Cruiser Racer

Catalina’s designer, Gerry Douglas will introduce the latest in the Catalina range of yachts their all new Catalina 275 Sport at the Annapolis sailboat show. The 27-footer follows on the heels of the successful launch of the 315 18 months ago. While the 315 was a true family cruiser in a small package, the new 275 launches Catalina into the sport boat category but decidedly on its own terms.

New Catalina 275

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Catalina Yachts – Sydney International Boat Show 2013

Catalina 355 - Sydney International Boat Show 2013

Catalina 355 – Sydney International Boat Show 2013


We were proud to present the  Catalina 355 (which now joins the Catalina family with their unique design and performance features) at the Sydney Boat Show in August 2013 and are happy to report that since the first C355 arrived in Australia, we have sold 12 of these fabulous yachts.  The SIBS was a tremendous success for us not only because of the wonderful “spring” weather but the favourable response from the hundreds of people who came on board the C355 was overwhelming with a large number of people taking home contracts.  What was also heartening about the SIBS are the large numbers of existing Catalina owners who, although very happy with their present yacht, after visiting us at the show, are seriously considering upgrading to either the C355 or the C445.

Catalina has provided thousands of boats worldwide to happy sailors for over 44 years with a significant number of those owners living in Australian.

Thank you all for visiting us at the show and we look forward to seeing you again shortly.

Welcome to Catalina Yachts Australia

index_c385sm2Catalina 385 Review – Boat Test / Sail

“This mid-size family cruiser combines traditional good looks [and values] with a long list of innovations and refinements”.

New 5 Series Brands Next Generation of Catalina Sailing Yachts
LARGO, FL (March 13, 2012) – Catalina’s new designs, coined the Catalina 5 Series, is the new generation of Catalinas, a deliberate move to brand the line to a higher level of performance, finish, engineering achievement and sophistication. There are currently four models in the Catalina 5 Series, the Catalina 445, 385, 355 and 315 – cruising yachts that are designed and built in the United States with custom features not found on many of the world’s sailboats. The move created mass appeal in the global sailing marketplace.  Read More…